Adding days to a ISO 8601 format date in Python

I need to add +3 hours to a date in iso 8601 format in python, for example "2022-09-21T22:31:59Z" due to time difference. In this time information that is returned to me from the API, I only need Y/M/D information, but due to the +3 hour difference, the day information needs to go one step further in the date information, as will be experienced in the date I conveyed in the example. How can I overcome this problem? I think the format of the date format is ISO 8601 but can you correct me if I am wrong?

ex. api response;

"createdDateTime": "2022-09-21T22:31:59Z"

what i need;

"createdDateTime": "2022-09-21T22:31:59Z" to "2022-09-22T01:31:59Z"

>Solution :

Try this code it will definitely work:

from datetime import datetime,timedelta

parsed_date=datetime.strptime("2022-09-21T22:31:59Z", "%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%SZ")

Updated_date = parsed_date+ timedelta(hours=3)


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