Pandas equivalent of R merge all=TRUE

apologies if this sounds like a dumb question, I haven’t worked on Pandas for a long time.

I’ve two data frames, Nodes:


Rate Card:

Rate Card

I want the final output to look like this, total would be 7*10= 70 rows:


In R, I use the following piece of code to do this:

prem_subset = merge(nodes, subset(rate_card, select=c("service", "duration","rate")),all=TRUE)

where I'm only selecting some columns from my original rate_card df

I can’t find the Pandas equivalent for this.

>Solution :

IIUC I believe you are looking for pandas merge with option how=cross:

select_cols = ['service', 'duration', 'rate']
nodes.merge(rate_card[select_cols], how='cross')

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