Rendering an array of strings in React

I’m trying to render a flat array of strings in a React app, via the following:

{array.length > 0 ? (
    <h5>Email list</h5>
      paddingLeft: "50px",
      float: "left",
      lineHeight: "normal",
      height: "50px",
      width: "300px"
    {, index) => {
    <p key={index}>{date}</p>;
) : (<></>)}

I’m struggling to understand why my map function won’t render anything on screen. I’m able to console log both date and index just fine, the dates definitely exist within the array and the h5 title renders as it should. However, nothing shows in the div beneath it.

If I remove the map functionality and just print a line of text, that renders. Once I add the map back in, however, it returns to an empty div. No console logs to indicate anything is wrong, either.

Any help appreciated!

>Solution :

The map function needs a return statement if you are adding {} brackets. Ex:

{, index) => {
  return <p key={index}>{date}</p>;

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