Typescript is giving error when getting object using a variable/constant

I have an object like this:

const obj = {
user_name: 'user2',
user_desc: 'desc 2'

Now I’m calling an onclick function that specifies which parameter to get from the object

function myFunction (key_name : string) {
// as my constant is of type object, I can get data from keys as

My function is running fine but typescript is giving me an error

Element implicitly has an ‘any’ type because expression of type ‘string’ can’t be used to index type ‘{}’

How do I go about getting rid of this error?

>Solution :

You can create an interface to describe data shapes

interface Obj {
  user_name: string;
  user_desc: string;

const obj: Obj = {
  user_name: 'user2',
  user_desc: 'desc 2',

function myFunction(key_name: keyof Obj) {


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