How to replace all elements of a list using a for loop


The question here asks to make two lists/arrays in python and fill it with 0s initially and then occupy them with the relevant values.

import numpy as np
x = []
y = []

for i in range (0,101):

xx = np.linspace(1,10,101)

for a in range (len(y)):
    for j in xx:
        fx = np.log(j)
        y[a] = fx

for b in range (len(x)):
    for k in xx:
        x[b] = k

print(" ")

I used a nested for loop to traverse through the values in the xx list and used the log function and stored the values in a variable and then replace the 0s in the (y)list with the function values over each iteration. Same thing with the x list but just replace the 0s with the value of the variable which is used in the function respectively.
However the output I keep getting is not right and I can’t get what is going wrong within the loops. The output should show the values of x in the first list and the values of f(x) in the second list however it only shows the value of the last x in the range as well as the value of the last f(x) in the range.

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>Solution :

I’m guessing you are supposed to use linspace, and enumerate:

import numpy as np
size = 101
x = np.zeros(size)
y = np.zeros(size)

for i, n in enumerate(np.linspace(1,10,size)):
    x[i] = n
    y[i] = np.log(n)

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