How to remove "image_picker" mark when select image using Image Picker flutter

I have this image picker But when picked the image It shows the "image_pick" mark in front of the image file Like this image_picker5431631000176511341.jpg But I want to remove it How can I do that is it possible?


//Pick image
         onPressed: () => selectFile(),
         child: const Text(
         'Select Image /Gallery'),

//Show fileName

//To pick image
  void selectFile() async {
    final XFile? results = await picker.pickImage(source:;

    if (results != null) {
      path = results.path;

      fileName =;
      setState(() {});
    } else {
      print('No image picked');
    setState(() {
      imageFile = File(results!.path);


remove the "image_picker" mark in front of the actual file name

>Solution :

change to this

fileName ="image_picker","");

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