Why does a new git branch have the old history?

I’m studying design patterns in python and I’m doing version control in git.
The first thing I did was create a branch called "Creational Patterns", in which I made a commit for each one (Factory, builder…etc)
Later I created a new branch called "Structural Patterns" and moved to it. I have been committing to this branch for these patterns. However when I went to see the history of my "Structural Patterns" branch, there are also the creational pattern commits!
I think git is doing fast-forward merges, however I have the following question: Is it possible to have this branch of structural patterns without the commits of the creational patterns branch? or git will always do this automatically.
Thank you very much!

>Solution :

You switched the branch from your "Creational Patterns" branch. It is a difference, if you start a new branch from your main branch. If you create a new branch it will create a branch from the point you are currently at. (If that is a different branch, it will take that)

You will need to rebase your branch. @torek has a long answer to this on another question. You can look it up here: How to change the starting point of a branch?

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