Create subscription to a group conversation using microsoft graph api


I would like to create a subscription to a user’s group conversation.
In order to do so, I have an api call to with the following payload –

    "changeType": "created, updated",
    "clientState": "something",
    "expirationDateTime": "2022-11-04T13:29:33.988006Z",
    "notificationUrl": "",
    "resource": "groups('{id}')/conversations"

But I am getting this error code (400 status code) –
Subscription to a group's 'conversations' is not supported with Application-level permissions.

According to the docs here –
I should be able to do so, however, I get that error (using indeed, application permissions, and I cannot use user delegated permissions for my purposes)…

>Solution :

According to the documentation, it’s not possible to create a subscription for conversation resource with application permissions.

No workaround right now if you cannot use user delegated permissions.

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