git config "FIRST_NAME LAST_NAME" is it important to have the name exactly on github username?


I don’t know where they came from Maruf Hossain but my GitHub config name is mickeymaruf, so I want to see my profile picture as well.

So I tried by changing my git config name "Maruf Hossain" and "mickeymaruf" for two different times and saw that both are working now and only showing my username as geen mark now.

But I’m still confuse how the "Maruf Hossain" appeared then yesterday and day before yesterday’s commit.
Can anyone explain me what is the issue did happen with it and is it important to have the right config or it’s just not make any sense?

i just want to pass this Q

>Solution :

Your commits are associated on GitHub with your email, not the author name.

If you change your local config but keep your GitHub email as, your commits would still be checked with your GitHub account.

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