Using for loop variable on a getattr() function

I have a class Person with the attributes name and level

class Person:

    def __init__(self, name, level):
            = name
        self.level = level

let’s say i have a bunch of objects from that class with different attributes

p1 = Person("person1", "5")
p2 = Person("person2", "10")
p3 = Person("person2", "15")

And a list containing the name of all those objects

people_list = ["p1","p2","p3"]

i want to make a function on the Person class, that finds and prints all the levels
This is what i made so far.

def lvlFinder(self, people_list):
        for x, item in enumerate(people_list):
            y = getattr(p1, "level")

Is there a way so instead of p1 in getattr(p1,"level") i could have a variable that changes to p2 and so on as it loops.
I tried many different ways, but honestly i don’t even know if anything is right.
Is there a better way of doing this?

>Solution :

You have a few faults, each of which is obscuring other parts of the program.

Start by making a list of the people:

people_list = [p1, p2, p3]

Then you can iterate directly over the list:

def lvlFinder(people_list):
        for item in people_list:
            y = item.level

Finally you just have to call the function:


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