HTML CSS background Image buggy

Hello im an very beginner of html/css i made an navigation bar and an footer till yet. So i wanted an background image now but its bugged idk why. I tested a couple of random images but its for every image. Can someone help me pls? Code and Screenshot of the Problem belenter image description hereowenter image description here

I tried background-repeat: no-repeat;
But i am a very beginer so i dont know what to do. I just want an normal background. The details are already described

>Solution :

* {
 background-image: url(ttt.png);

The above code means you put every element a background image.

If you just want body with the background image, use below code

body {
 background-image: url(ttt.png);

You also should set something like background-size to make the size you want.

The doc

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