Is it possible to return the value from subscribe?

this is my translate function, i require to return the array. Is it possible to return from Subscribe – ?

translator(items) {
        const output = items?.map((item) => {
            return this.translate.get(item.label).subscribe((value) => {
                item = { ...item, label: value };
                return item;
        console.log('output', output);//no data

>Solution :

From what I understand you want to do the following:

  1. enrich each item in the items array
  2. convert it to a promise
  3. await this promise
  4. print the output of this promise

You can use the following code in order to achive this:

async translator(items) {
    const output = await lastValueFrom(
        items?.map((item) =>
            .pipe(map((value) => ({ ...item, label: value })))

    console.log('output', output); //no data


  • lastValueFrom is used to convert an observable stream to a promise (and return the last value)
  • forkJoin is used to subscribe to multiple observables and emit the result array after each of them have completed
  • map is used to "enrich" the initial items

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