Java – non greedy-regex to replace partial string in longer words?

I have a string like that:

  $c+350 - $c + $c_new * $c_new[x(12345)]

Here, I only want to replace the first two $c (as they don’t have any followed characters [A-Za-z0-9_]) with $text

I tried to use with Java regex pattern:

String a = "$c+350 - $c + $c_new * $c_new[x(12345)]";
String b = a.replaceAll("\\$c[^A-Za-z0-9_]",  "\\$text")

but it only returns with one stripped character for each $text

b = "$text350 - $text+ $c_new * $c_new[x(12345)]"

instead of the text it should be:

b = "$text+350 - $text + $c_new * $c_new[x(12345)]"

>Solution :

You should be able to find \$c\b and replace with $text:

String input = "$c+350 - $c + $c_new * $c_new[x(12345)]";
String output = input.replaceAll("\\$c\\b", "\\$text");

This prints:

$text+350 - $text + $c_new * $c_new[x(12345)]

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