scatter plot and clusters within it

I created a scatter plot using ggplot2 package for my data. Since my data has large number of points, I will explain my problem with already available small dataset. Consider this scatter plot :

ggplot(mtcars, aes(x=wt, y=mpg)) + geom_point()

scatter plot b/w wt and mpg

I want to use k means clustering to cluster these data points, but then also show the clusters on the same scatterplot(the one shown above) and not a new dimensionality reduction plot? How can I do this?

>Solution :

Here is an alternative using factoextra package:


df <- mtcars %>% 
  select(x = wt, y = mpg)

# Compute k-means with k = 3

set.seed(123) <- kmeans(scale(df[, -5]), 3, nstart = 25)$cluster

fviz_cluster(, data = df[, -5],
             palette = c("steelblue", "gold", "limegreen"), 
             geom = "point",
             ellipse.type = "convex", 
             ggtheme = theme_bw()

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