How to animate list initial population in Android Jetpack compose

My current Android Jetpack Compose project contains a number of lists and grids.

I would like to animate the initial population of my lists and grids to bring some life to my application.

I have found documentation for inserting, deleting etc. of items in/out of a list.

However I can not find any details for animating when the list is first displayed.

Is it possible to add animation when the list or grid is first populated?

>Solution :

If your’e using LazyColumn you can try specifying animateItemPlacement Modifier property on composables within item{..} scope.

LazyColumn {
    items(...) {
        Box (
            modifier = Modifier.animateItemPlacement() 

Though its experimental and you have to annotate your nearest @Composable function scope.

fun MyComposableWithLazyColumn(…)

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