How to calculate my encoding sha256 maximum int lenght?

I use this little code in a function to generate immutable hash of strings and store it.
My problem is i don’t know how to find the max possible value with sha256 :7 ‘little’ ???

int.from_bytes(hashlib.sha256(value.encode('utf-8')).digest()[:7], 'little')

>Solution :

Well, if you have seven bytes, and you turn that into an integer, the maximum value is the same as the maximum value of a (7*8) bit integer, because there are 8 bits in a byte. The largest value of a 56-bit unsigned integer is 2**56 – 1, and the smallest value is 0.

>>> 2**56 - 1

What about negative values? int.from_bytes() interprets its value as unsigned by default, so you won’t have negative values.

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