replace cell values greater than 0 with column name

I have a dataframe with the following structure:

Df = data.frame(
  Col1 = c(1,0,0),
  Col2 = c(0,2,1),
  Col3 = c(0,0,0)

What I’m trying to get is a dataframe where those cells with a value greater than 0 get replaced with the column name and those lower than 1 get replaced by NA. The resulting dataframe would be something like this:

Df = data.frame(
      Col1 = c("Col1",NA,NA),
      Col2 = c(NA,"Col2","Col2"),
      Col3 = c(NA,NA,NA)

So far I tried with this solution and with functions like apply(), mutate_if(), and across() but I can’t get what I’m after.

>Solution :

You could do:

Df %>%
 mutate(across(everything(), ~ if_else(. > 0, cur_column(), NA_character_)))

  Col1 Col2 Col3
1 Col1 <NA> <NA>
2 <NA> Col2 <NA>
3 <NA> Col2 <NA>

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