urlSearchParams not updating the url

I am trying to add search and page to my url for searching and pagination on a page.

 const urlParams = new URLSearchParams(window.location.search);
   urlParams.append('search', question);
   urlParams.append('page', pageIndex);

This appears to do nothing to the actual url.
But when I call urlParams.toString()
then I can see that they have been added, but they are not in the actual url in the browser.

I’m using Chrome 107, so it should support it.
Am I missing something?

The documentation has not helped me so far.

>Solution :

Of course it does nothing with the actual URL, you are creating a URLParameters Object and updating it. what you are missing is:

window.loacation.search = urlParams.toString()

it will change the query string in the browser URL and reloads the page.

if you are not interested in reloading the page, you can use history DOM object

let url = new URL(window.location.href);
   url.searchParams.append('search', question);
   url.searchParams.append('page', pageIndex);

finally, if you want to update the page and search params anyway, you can use the url.searchParams.set() method, like:

url.searchParams.set('page', pageIndex);

it will append the parameter if it does not exist, and will update it if it does, without throwing exceptions.

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