Javascript querySelectorAll not working with class

I’ve write a simple JavaScript code to show time. I want to show this javascript value or output in multiple place. That’s why I followed querySelectorAll method. But it now working…

Look at my code;

`<p class="mm"></p>
<h1 class="mm"></h1>

<script type="text/javaScript">
var date = new Date();
document.querySelectorall(".mm").innerHTML = date;

How can I do it without getElementById……? If I add querySelector, it just show one place. Not many place.

querySelectorAll not working. I want to show date in multiple place.

>Solution :

Here’s an example using a for...of loop to help you reproduce success. You can search MDN to learn about other JavaScript and web APIs.

const date = new Date();

for (const element of document.querySelectorAll(".mm")) {
  element.textContent = date.toLocaleString();
<p class="mm"></p>
<h1 class="mm"></h1>

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