AverageIFS formula to take the average starting with the first positive number and last positive number and include any zeros in that range

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I need a dynamic AverageIFS formula that will start taking the average with the first positive number and end the average at the last positive number. I need the formula to include zeros in the average if there are any in between the first and last positive number. Using the attached image as an example, I want the average_range to be Dec-21 through Nov-22 but I only want the Average to calculate Dec-21 through Jul-22 since that range contains the first and last positive numbers. The average number I’m looking for based on the numbers provided is 1.375. Thank you all for your help!

I tried the AverageIFS function but I’m not having any luck. I know I’m doing something wrong but not sure what.

>Solution :

we can use two indexes, and xmatch which allows us to search backwards and forwards.


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If one does not have XMATCH the we can use MATCH for the first and AGGREGATE for the second:


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