Import Range Query not importing data

Sorry I know this question has been asked before – I have tried changing my query around but can’t seem to get it to work as expected, doesn’t look to be anything wrong..

I am simply trying to query data from one large master sheet into a few separate sheets. I am using importrange to get the data from sheet, and a simple select query to filter by one of the columns. If I do a select * I get all the data as expected, but can’t use a WHERE clause with any column (I just need 1 of the columns, but I tried with a few different ones).

Appreciate any help!


=QUERY(IMPORTRANGE("1sNA9u2uQW-XjEKjrVS2a5LtTPCchwSuTkXfjhTJtvPk","Sheet1!B:I"),"select * WHERE 'Rank'='LTC' ")


Username    Rank    Time In Service     TIS Time In Grade   TIG Promotable  Awards  PLT/SQD

Source sheet:

Test sheet:

>Solution :

As player0 stated, you should refer to the columns by its number, you can select multiple columns and state multiple "where" statements by using Col1,Col2, etc respectively. In this case: Where Col2 = ‘LTZ’

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