Carbon time format

I save the user photo with Carbon in laravel 9

$user->photo_verified_at = Carbon::now()->timestamp;

But I get this output from database:

Error Message : ORA-01843: not a valid month
Position      : 42
Statement     : update "USERS" set "PHOTO_VERIFIED_AT" = :p0, "USERS"."UPDATED_AT" = :p1 where "ID" = :p2
Bindings      : [1672340645,2022-12-29 19:04:05,25]

If you a look at the data for created_at and updated_at in the database, they have the following format:

29/12/22 18:30:43,000000000

How is it possible to set Carbon to return in that format?

Carbon::now()->timestamp->format('dd/mm/yy H:i:s')

it returns

Error: Call to a member function format() on int

>Solution :

You should be fine with just Carbon::now() or now() (it is a helper function calling Carbon::now())

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