Simple website (HTML & CSS) – what is the best way to simplify subpages editing?


I’m trying to get back into HTML & CSS coding and learn JS. I found so many tutorials which are very helpful, now I would like to develop some simple websites. Many years ago the only way to make subpages (I hope it is a correct translation) was to use iframe or just copy whole content from homepage (so with need of editing every page to change ex. logo or footer). What is the best way to do it now?

Typing "HTML CSS webpage tutorial" in YT returns a lot of awesome results, but it gives me only the solution how to make a design, not a website with working menu etc.

What do you suggest? I prefer to work on separate files instead keeping all code in one "index.html".

Thank you in advance,
Happy New Year!!!

Regards, Mariusz

I have no solution yet.

>Solution :

Nowadays different frameworks are used for that purpose. If you don’t want to use one, the easiest way would be to still use PHP and use its include method to load "subfiles" like header, footer, navigation sidebar and other content / website parts that are identical on all pages.

BTW, just a note aboute a detail in your question: The "ancient" method for this didn’t use iframes, but frames – that’s a big difference: iframes load external webpages, frames (as parts of framesets) load parts of the own website.

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