what does a sequence of comparison operations in c represents/do?

i have been playing around with what would be considered valid C syntax and what wouldnt,
i tried 1<2<1 and to my surprise it is a valid C syntax, does anyone know what that would do or represent ?

i tried figuring it out by testing the value this kind of expressions take and changing the integer values but found no pattern.

>Solution :

In C, when using a relational operator such as <, the result will always be 1 if the condition is true, or 0 if the condition is false.

Due to the rules on operator precedence and associativity, the expression


is equivalent to:


The sub-expression (1<2) is true, so it will evaluate to 1, so the entire expression is equivalent to:


Since this expression is false, it will evaluate to 0.

Therefore, writing 1<2<1 is equivalent to writing 0.

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