how can i transfer input data in form with value using GET method


I have a form and it has an input in it. I normally auto-fill this with javascript, but I didn’t add this code because I know the problem is not in javascript. My main problem is that I fill the input using the value from the input and I have to give the input a disabled property. Here is the code:

<form action="testget.php" method="GET">
  <input disabled type="text" name="testget" value="testvalue">
  <button type="submit">Send</button>

When I press the send button, the url it will redirect me to should be:


but here is the problem. The url it redirected me to:


I don’t know if I misunderstood the value property, but how I tried to search on the internet, I could not find a solution for it. I will be glad if you help me.

I was trying and expecting for the data in the form to be transferred to testget.php.

>Solution :

try to make the `disabled` part to `readonly` in your code

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