How to conditional render in react within a loop in a functional component


I know this question has been asked many times, I’ve looked through many stackoverflow posts but I can’t seem to find the exact problem I’m facing. Below is the code:

        {ratioMetrics && Object.entries(metrics).map(([metric, metricReadable]) => (
          <tr key={metric}>
            <td>{ metricReadable }</td>
            {Object.entries(ratioMetrics).map(([key,value]) => (
              <td key={value[metric]}>{ value[metric] }</td>
              // <td key={value[metric]}>{ Intl.NumberFormat('en', { notation: 'compact' }).format(value[metric].toPrecision(4)) }</td>

Sometimes value[metric] can be null and so the line commented fails as I can’t call toPrecision on something that is null. I therefore only want the commented line to render when value[metric] is not null and if it is null render the line above it instead. ie:

if not null:

<td key={value[metric]}>{ Intl.NumberFormat('en', { notation: 'compact' }).format(value[metric].toPrecision(4)) }</td>

if null:

<td key={value[metric]}>{ value[metric] }</td>

I tried the following but I don’t think react likes the syntax because the loop already contains {}.

{Object.entries(ratioMetrics).map(([key,value]) => (
      {!value[metric] && <td key={value[metric]}> "" </td>}
      {value[metric] && <td key={value[metric]}>{ Intl.NumberFormat('en', { notation: 'compact' }).format(value[metric].toPrecision(4)) }</td>}

So my question is how do I go about fixing this? Thank you.

>Solution :

You can use a ternary expression to conditionally render the different td elements based on the value of value[metric].

{Object.entries(ratioMetrics).map(([key,value]) => (
  <td key={value[metric]}>
    {value[metric] ? Intl.NumberFormat('en', { notation: 'compact' }).format(value[metric].toPrecision(4)) : ""}

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