How to identify a repetitive type of patter with regex (c#)

Currently I’m doing:

Regex.Match(ln, "\"[\\u0000-\\u007E]+\"")

The problem is if ln is like ""text…"" it won’t work as wanted.

Same to """text…""", etc…

How can i make the " " repetitive?

It should also match to "text1"text2"text3".

The point is, it should match with the most 2 outer " " if the number of " is par or cut the last " if number impar.

Ex: "stack"overflow" -> match "stack"

Ex: "stack""overflow" -> match "stack""overflow"

Ex: text1""text2""text3 -> match ""text2""

Ex: "text1"text2"text3 -> match "text1"

Any idea how to make this pattern?

>Solution :

An idea is to work with negated " between.

  • Match "[^"]*"
  • Repeat [^"]*"[^"]*" any amount of times

See this demo at regex101 (the \n in multiline demo is for staying in line)

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