Split String with varied amount of input data

I have a string that looks like this:


I used a split to separate this strings, but Im having problems because the link can come without the description or the id

guard let separateLink = deeplink?.split(separator: "/") else { return }

let linkWithoutProductDetails = "\(separateLink[0] ?? "")//\(separateLink[1] ?? "")/\(separateLink[2] ?? "")"

When the link comes only https://product/ Im getting Fatal error: Index out of range even using the Optionals and String Interpolation, how can i guarantee that independently of the quantity of informations in my link the code wont break

>Solution :

You should check the number of path components. However, ideally you should use the URL functions instead of manipulating the link as a String:

if var url = URL(string: "https://product/000000/product-name-type-color") {
    let pathComponents = url.pathComponents

    // "product" is not a path component, it's the host.
    // Path components are "/", "000000" and "product-name-type-color"
    if pathComponents.count > 2 {
        url = url.deletingLastPathComponent()


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