How to show all the available options for a PowerShell command?

For example, this command:

get-netadapter -name "WI-FI"

shows my WIFI network adapter’s details with 5 columns of information about it.

but if i do this:

(get-netadapter -name "WI-FI").

and then press tab, I can see a whole lot more information about it that show up after the dot.

now this is only a simple example, there are many more commands like that which by default only show a few columns of information.

what is the universal way of showing all of the available information for each command, like all of the available commands that go after the . in the example above and with their output? I want to show them in console in a nice way like with ft -wrap if possible so I can quickly get a general idea of what information is accessible to me to work with.

I use latest version of PowerShell (7.4 preview) and Windows 11

p.s sometimes pressing tab doesn’t work, like in this example:

(get-bitlockervolume -MountPoint $env:SystemDrive).

but we can still use ProtectionStatus after the dot

>Solution :

I usually use command | gm (gm is an alias for Get-Member).

In your case you could type get-netadapter -name "WI-FI" | gm. This returns to you the name, the methods, and properties of the returning object.

To output all properties with values: get-netadapter "WI-FI" | Format-List *

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