Recursive split while delimiter exists in the string and then create an object


Suppose I have the following string: plan.details.notes (Note: this string can have more/less sub nodes) and I have a value that should be set to it once it has been destructured, ie. "hello".

Here’s what I want to achieve:

  plan {
    details {
      notes: "hello"

I currently have the following code:

function recursiveSplitIntoObject(string, delimiter, value) {
  if (!string) return {}

  let stringToSplit = string
  const returnObj = {}

  while (stringToSplit.indexOf(delimiter) >= 0) {
    const split = string.split(delimiter)
    returnObj[split[0]] = { [split[1]]: value }
    stringToSplit = split[1]


I’m not sure how to assign a dynamic object inside the [split[1]]: value. I maybe close but I can’t figure it out. Can anyone lead me to the right direction? Thanks!

>Solution :

Remove the last key, process all other keys and finally assign the last key:

function recursiveSplitIntoObject(string, delimiter, value) {
    let start = {},
        curr = start,
        keys = string.split(delimiter),
        last = keys.pop()

    for (let key of keys)
        curr = (curr[key] = {})
    curr[last] = value

    return start

    recursiveSplitIntoObject('plan.details.notes', '.', 'hello'))

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