Does no one use display: block and inline-block?

This might be a weird question but on youtube in guides I always see people using flex and grid.

I’ve started learning them but prior to that I was using block and inline-block exclusively.

So do people use flex and grid only?

And also is flex different from flexbox because vs code displays them as 2 different options.

>Solution :

Well, I generally use display: block when a element with display: none has to be made visible.

Also, paragraphs and spans are inline elements. I find it quite difficult to work with inline elements, so whenever I style them, I generally make them block elements (may be not if they are children of a grid).

But in case of containers, yes I normally use display: grid. And they are generally have default display value of block, so why change it to block again?

As far as flex and flexbox go, I don’t know much about flexbox. But as far as I know, flex is the improved version of display: box and display: flexbox.

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