Syntax for using {{ article.image }} inside {% static %} with django templates

Trying to display an image on a webpage with django templates

{% for article in article_roll %}
    <li><div class="blog-post" id="blog{{ forloop.counter }}">
        {% load static %}
        <img src="{% static '{{ article.image }}' %}" alt="{{ article.alt }}">
        <div class="blog-post-preview">
            <span class="blog-title">{{ article.image }} {{ article.title }}</span>
            <span class="blog-date">{{ }}</span>
        <span class="blog-text">{{ article.preview }}</span>
{% endfor %}

This is the part that’s giving me trouble

<img src="{% static '{{ article.image }}' %}" alt="{{ article.alt }}">

{{ article.image }} is an ImageField in an SQLite Database setup with the default configurations django has. My main concern is loading up the correct image for each article as the for loop progresses, but I can’t even get {{ article.image }} to evaluate to anything useful within the {% static %} braces.

the static url comes out as

<img src="/static/%7B%7B%20article.image%20%7D%7D" alt="image thing">

When what I’m trying to get is

<img src="/static/value_of_{{article.image}}" alt="image thing">

I’ve tried escaping characters, avoiding using ‘ ‘, and rewriting the urls.

I feel like I might be approaching this problem entirely wrong and there’s a better way to do it, but I’ve been looking through the documentation and haven’t seen anything obvious to me.

>Solution :

You don’t need the '{{ }}' inside the static tag.

<img src="{% static article.image %}" alt="{{ article.alt }}">

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