Perl print "$("

I’m just starting to learn Perl, and I (accidentally) came across this print behavior I can’t explain. If I do:

print "$(";

the result I get is:

1000 4 20 24 25 27 29 30 44 46 117 1000 1001

Here’s a nice screenshot.

enter image description here

Probably makes total sense for someone who knows Perl, so if anyone can enlighten me, highly appreciated.

>Solution :

That is known as a Special Variable. From perldoc perlvar:


The real gid of this process. If you are on a machine that supports
membership in multiple groups simultaneously, gives a space separated
list of groups you are in. The first number is the one returned by
getgid(), and the subsequent ones by getgroups(), one of which may be
the same as the first number.


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