Return the prioritized value of lookup, if mutiple lookup value available for return field

I’ve to track the style/item availability in store (Bin), for which i have small set of data for example. I have multiple warehouse in Virtual warehouse column, Style is a item code, Stage is different stage of inventory pipeline.

So here its possible that one item may be available in different stages, as their can be multiple shipment. so here the important is, if the stock is available in "Bin" stage then i do not need to see if its available anywhere or not.

I tried to solve this multiple way but haven’t succedded yet.

lets say, if my wareouse 130211 has a style 111131450 in 4 different stage, but among all if its available in bin then in new column it should mark "Bin" in all the rows or else it says "Putaway"
(should check warehouse wise).

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>Solution :

As per my comment, a good case for COUNTIFS():


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