What is the proper way to set state with React Hooks?

I recently asked a Stack Overflow post about useState() taking 2 clicks. I was told I could immediately update a boolean state by doing setState(state => !state). However, this only works for booleans. Take this example:

  let [popularQuotes, setPopularQuotes] = useState([])
  let [newQuotes, setNewQuotes] = useState([])

  let [selected, select] = useState("popular")

  const getQuotes = async() => {
    Post('https://example.com/api/quotes', {
      sort: selected
    }).then((r) => selected == "popular" ? setPopularQuotes(r) : setNewQuotes(r))

When I want to toggle from popular quotes to new quotes, such as like this onClick={() => {select("popular"); getQuotes()}}, it takes 2 clicks, as the state newQuotes remains initially unchanged for the first click (just being an empty array). How can I counteract this and update the state on the first click?

>Solution :

Add an effect hook like this to your function component body for triggering the Api whenever selected is changed:

useEffect(() => {

Change getQuotes to get selected value as a parameter:

const getQuotes = async(selectedItem) => {
  Post('https://example.com/api/quotes', {
    sort: selectedItem
  }).then((r) => selectedItem == "popular" ? setPopularQuotes(r) : setNewQuotes(r))

Finally modify onClick callback like this:

onClick={() => select("popular")}

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