Having issues splitting strings when using the strsep function

I’m very new to C programming and was trying to split a string through it’s delimiters using the strsep function.

When executing the code below i get this output:

Hostname ( teste-13-f8-04teste-13-fd-80) Hostname (teste-13-fd-80) Hostname (teste-13-fd-86) Hostname (teste-13-fd-90)

Why is the AllHostName[0] giving that output?

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <string.h>

void splitStrings(char splitString[] , char variable[][15]);

void splitStrings(char splitString[] , char variable[][15])
        char *token, *str, *tofree;
        int i=0;
        tofree = str = strdup(splitString);
        while ((token = strsep(&str, ",")))
                strcpy(variable[i], token);

int main(){
            char HostName[] = " teste-13-f8-04,teste-13-fd-80,teste-13-fd-86,teste-13-fd-90";
            char AllHostName[32][15];
            splitStrings(HostName, AllHostName);
            printf(" Hostname (%s) Hostname (%s) Hostname (%s) Hostname (%s)\n" , AllHostName[0] , AllHostName[1],AllHostName[2],AllHostName[3]);

After getting this error I’ve noticed that it’s related to the size of the original string, if it’s a smaller string this issue doesn’t appear.

>Solution :

The first token in

char HostName[] = " teste-13-f8-04,teste-13-fd-80,teste-13-fd-86,teste-13-fd-90";



which is 15 characters long and too long for the 16 character token (which includes a terminating '\0' character) to fit into any of the 15-character elements of char variable[][15].

The terminating '\0' character gets overwritten by the first character of the next token, causing the tokens to run together.

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