Powershell script Export-CSV cutoff characters in a string of a .TXT files with Comma

1 .. $Count | ForEach-Object { 
    $i = $_.ToString($Length)

    $Offset = $BatchSize * ($_ - 1)
    $outputFile = $ParentDirectory + "\" + $strBaseName + "-" + $i + $strExtension
    If($_ -eq 1) {
        $objFile | Select-Object  -First $BatchSize | Export-Csv $outputFile -NoTypeInformation -Encoding UTF8  
    } Else {
       $objFile | Select-Object -First $BatchSize -Skip $Offset | Export-Csv $outputFile -NoTypeInformation -Encoding UTF8 


I have a .txt with a comma on row 3 below. My code is stripping anything after the comma as seen below. how do I fix it? My file is pipe delimited.

Original file contains

|320|A1| |0900|
|320|A2|This, comma is needed|0900|
|320|A3| |0700|
|320|A5| |0700|

After splitting into 2 files -notice the missing text after "this,"


|320|A1| |0900|
|320|A3| |0700|


|320|A5| |0700|

Please advise. Thanks

I tried to use delimiter and replace commands. Didn’t work

>Solution :

It looks like when you imported your delimited file into $objFile, you forgot to pass
-Delimiter '|' to the Import-Csv call, which would not interpret your |-separated file properly, given that Import-Csv – as well as Export-Csv – default to , as the separator.

Thus, the solution is to use -Delimiter '|' in both your Import-Csv and Export-Csv calls.

As for what you tried:

Here’s a minimal example that demonstrates the problem with omitting -Delimiter '|', using the in-memory CSV processing cmdlets, ConvertFrom-Csv and ConvertTo-Csv:

Value1|Value2, and more
'@ | 
  ConvertFrom-Csv | 

Output (note the missing , and more part, and how the output lines as a whole are double-quoted):

  • Since header row Field1|Field2 contains no , it became a single property in the resulting objects, literally named Field1|Field2.

  • Since the data row happened to contain , it was parsed as two fields, and since there is only one column, the extra field was simply discarded.

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