SQL value changes

Suppose i have a table t1:

Product id Price
1 p1
1 p2
2 p1
2 p1
2 p1

What i want to know is, for a unique product id i want to see if there has been a new price.

Only having constant values for a specific product id is of not interest.

Would appreciate some tips.

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My thoughts is something like "Select the product ids’ where its distinct(count(price)) > 1. This should give me only the products ids that has a price change?

If a product id only has the same price without a change, it’s of no interest to select.

>Solution :

Your idea to check COUNT(DISTINCT price > 1) is correct.

We just need to use GROUP BY with a HAVING clause:

SELECT product_id
GROUP BY product_id
ORDER BY product_id;

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