HEAD Verb in Minimal API C#



The HTTP HEAD method requests the headers that would be returned if the HEAD
request’s URL was instead requested with the HTTP GET method.

For example, if a URL might produce a large download,a HEAD request could read
its Content-Length header to check the file-size without actually downloading the file.

My question , how should I get that behavior in my minimal API endpoint.

when-ever I test my API Endpoint in vs-code through Thunder-Client, it return error when I select HEAD VERB

405 Method Not Allowed 

However the downloading is work through GET VERB.

I am very grateful of any example using HEAD VERB, or some settings which maybe I not know to configure.

code in this example is refer from following stack overflow question ASP.NET Minimal API How to Return/Download Files from URL

app.MapGet(@"download/{fileName}", async (string fileName) =>
    var mimeType = "application/zip";
    var path = @$"e:\{fileName}.zip";
    var bytes = await File.ReadAllBytesAsync(path);

    return Results.File(bytes, mimeType, $"{fileName}.zip");
          .WithName($"GET {EndpointCategory} by Name")

>Solution :

Use MapMethods with corresponding verb (docs):

app.MapMethods(@"download/{fileName}", new[] { "HEAD" }, async (string fileName) => ...);

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