Convert an object to an interface with less keys in typescript


i have this interface

interface Product {
    id: string
    name: string

and the one that extends it

interface AdminProduct extends Product {
    isVisible: boolean

then i have this code

  const adminProducts = (await queryByCollection('product')) as AdminProduct[]

  const products = adminProducts.filter((product) => {
    if (!product.isVisible) {
  }).map((product)=> product as Product) as Product[]

  return products

even though i define the return type of product when i map adminProducts array it still has the key ‘isVisible’ in it

how to convert an object to smaller interface and delete all redundant keys?

>Solution :

Typescript only presents in build time and after transpile, tsc (typescript compiler) will remove all typescript types and only javascript remains.
So can’t expect to manipulate the data by TS.
You have to do it in the javascript area:

   .filter((adminProduct) => adminProducts.isVisible)
   .map(({isVisible, ...product}) => product)

With this code, you will remove isVisible from your list.

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