How do I write data to file without single quote?


I have written a code where I want my data to file exactly as it is but padding spaces.

No delimiter should be there in file.

Data need to be read from this file, A.txt:


Expected output in file:

     a        j        kk
    gh        jsk        kk
    gsh       kks        jj

My main motive is to get data with padding in file and should not have any delimiter or single quote.

My code:

import csv as cv


with open(r'C:\\Desktop\\A.txt',mode='r') as file:
    csvFile = cv.reader(file)
    for i in csvFile:
        md = md + (i[0].rjust(10))
        md = md + (i[1].rjust(10))
        md = md + (i[2].rjust(10)) 

        result = md 
        with open(r'C:\\Desktop\\B.txt',mode='w') as file:
             cw = cv.writer(file)
        md =''

>Solution :

You can use print and f-strings to get the expected result:

import csv

with (open('A.txt', 'r') as fpa,
      open('B.txt', 'w') as fpb):
    reader = csv.reader(fpa, delimiter=';')
    for row in reader:
        print(' '*10, *[f'{val:10}' for val in row], sep='', file=fpb)

Output B.txt:

          a         j         kk        
          gh        jsk       kk                  
          gsh       kks       jj        

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