Why is non-greedy match consuming entire pattern even when followed by another non-greedy match


Using PHP8, I’m struggling to figure out how to conditionally match some key that may or may not appear in a string.
I would like to match both




The dashes("-") could be any non-space character, and only used here for a cleaner to read example.

The regex is matching "key=…" if its containing group is greedy like below.
But this isn’t adequate, because the full match will fail a "key=xyz" is missing the subject string.


if that capture group is non-greedy, then the regex just ignores the key match any "key=xyz"


I tried debugging in this regex101 example but couldn’t figure it out.

I sorted this out using multiple regexs, but hoping someone can help address my misunderstandings so I learn know how to make this work as a single regex.

>Solution :

You may use:


RegEx Demo

RegEx Breakdown:

  • ^: Start
  • \S*?: Match 0 or more whitespaces non-greedy
  • (?:: Start Lookahead
    • key=(?<foundkey>\w+): Match key= text followed by 1+ word characters as capture group foundkey
    • \S*: Match 0 or more whitespaces
  • )?: End lookahead. ? makes it an optional match
  • $; End

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