Reordering an integer column in a data frame gives incorrect order

I am retrieving a list of files in my folder and I want to create a data frame. The files in the folder all contain the names "1.png", "2.png", etc. I want to create a data frame with a column named "Number" and a column named "Extension" and reorder the data frame based on the numerical values of the "Number" column.

I start by extracting the list of files into a data frame:

MyList <- data.frame(Number = list.files(path), Extension = NA)

Which ends up looking like this:

   Number Extension
1   1.png        NA
2  10.png        NA
3  11.png        NA
4  12.png        NA
5  13.png        NA

And so on… Next I split the Numbers based on the dots:

MyList$Extension <- lapply(strsplit(MyList$Number, "\\."), "[", 2)
MyList$Number <- lapply(strsplit(MyList$Number, "\\."), "[", 1)

Which gives me:

 Number Extension
1     1       png
2    10       png
3    11       png
4    12       png
5    13       png

So far so good… Now all I need is to reorder the data frame in ascending order based on the column "Number":

MyList$Number <- order(as.numeric(MyList$Number), decreasing = FALSE)

And the result:

 Number Extension
1     1       png
2    22       png
3    33       png
4    34       png
5    35       png

For some reason that didn’t work? I expected it to be ordered like this:

 Number Extension
1     1       png
2     2       png
3     3       png
4     4       png
5     5       png

etc… The column "Number" is of class integer:

> class(MyList$Number)
[1] "integer"

What went wrong?

>Solution :

If we need the actual values ordered, use the index from the order the dataset using the index as row index instead of assigning the index as the column ‘Number’

MyList <- MyList[order(as.numeric(MyList$Number), decreasing = FALSE),]

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