How to call python functions from a flask instance and return values


here is what I need to do:
I have a python app with a Flask instance running on machine A and another python app running on machine B. The code on machine B shall call a url post request with a json like this:"", json={"my_key":"my_value"})

The problem is that I don’t know how to call a class method from the received route function and pass the parameter. This is my code on machine A:

from flask import Flask

class MyClass:
    def receive_and_return_values(self, incoming):
        return {"my_return_key":"my_return_value"}

@app.route('/get_remote_data', methods=['POST'])
def get_remote_data():
    #Here I want to call 'MyClass.receive_and_return_values' with the parameter 'my_json' and receive the return value.

if __name__ == '__main__':'',port=5000)

Grateful for any advice

>Solution :

you can create an instance for my class on both machines and use it like this

import MyClass

@app.route('/get_remote_data', methods=['POST'])
def get_remote_data():

if you want it to be the same object use a singleton design pattern,
of course the class should be in a separate file and import it.

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