What is the next step to my project Assembly x86


I am trying to fix the code for my project but i am liitle overwhelmedThis is the last question I asked about my code
I am here to upload the whole code:

.model small
.stack 100h

indexul db 2 dup (0)
invalid db "Indexul introdus este invalid!",0,’$’
string db ‘Introduceti indexul numelui pe care doriti sa-l stergeti:’,0,’$’
punct db ‘.$’
prompt db ‘Introduceti un nume:’,0,’$’
list db ‘Lista cu numele este:’,0,’$’
nume dw 50 dup(0)
numes dw 0
numeIndex db 13, 10, 49, 46, 36

numePointer dw 50
menu db "Alege o optiune:",13,10
db "1. Nume",13,10
db "2. Lista cu numele",13,10
db "3. Sterge un nume",13,10
db "4. Exit",13,10,’$’

mov al, 0
mov ax, @data
mov ds, ax
mov numePointer, offset nume
call clear_screen
;Move cursor to the next line
mov dl, 0dh
mov ah, 2
int 21h
mov dl, 0ah
int 21h
;Display menu
call display_menu
mov ah, 1
int 21h
cmp al, ‘1’
je scrienume
cmp al, ‘2’
je lista
cmp al, ‘3’
je sterge
cmp al, ‘4’
jmp exit
jmp bucla

mov dx, offset numePointer

mov dx, offset prompt
mov ah, 09h
int 21h
mov cx, 5
mov si, numePointer
mov ah, 01h
int 21h
mov [si], al
inc si
loop read_char
mov byte ptr [si], ‘$’
inc si
mov numePointer, si ; numePointer += 6
jmp bucla

mov byte ptr [numeIndex + 2], "1"
mov dx, offset nume
push dx ; (1)
mov dx, offset numeIndex
mov ah, 09h
int 21h
inc byte ptr [numeIndex + 2] ; "1" -> "2" -> "3" …
pop dx ; (1)

mov ah, 09h
int 21h
add dx, 5 + 1
cmp dx, numePointer ; check if the current name is the last one
jb print_names
jmp bucla ; return to main loop

; Prompt user for position of name to delete
mov dx, offset string
mov ah, 09h
int 21h
; Read position from user
mov ah, 01h
int 21h
sub al, 49 ; AL=["1","9"] 1-based input -> AL=[0,8] 0-based index
mov ah, 6
mul ah ; -> AX = {0,6,12,18,24,30,36,42,48}
add ax, offset nume
cmp ax, numePointer
jnb invalidPosition
mov di, ax
lea si, [di + 6]
mov cx, numePointer
sub cx, si
rep movsb
mov numePointer, di
dec numes
jmp bucla

; Display error message
mov dx, offset invalid
mov ah, 09h
int 21h
jmp bucla

mov ax, 4c00h
int 21h

display_menu proc
mov dx, offset menu
mov ah, 9
int 21h
display_menu endp

clear_screen proc
mov ah, 0
mov al, 3
int 10H
clear_screen endp
end start

As i mentioned in the other questions, it only deletes the last name no matter what index i input.

>Solution :

mov  ax, @data
mov  ds, ax

You forgot to setup the ES segment register! You need it for the movsb instruction.

mov  ax, @data
mov  ds, ax
mov  es, ax

nume dw 50 dup(0)

Better define this with db and reserve room for at most 9 names, so 9 * (5 + 1):

nume db 54 dup(0)

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