Why doesn't Perl recognize the file name?


I’m trying to do a match file name with a document with an if condition, but Perl doesn’t seems to catch it. I defined my document as:

my $file = $filename

Which $filename is equals to "/Desktop/src/file_top.sv". I’m running a program that reads the $filename and if the file is not named "file_top.sv", then the program doesn’t create the other file (name is not relevant). I’m trying to do it with an if condition like this:

if($filename =~ /^file\_top.*\.sv$/){
   #do something....

But, it doesn’t seem to work. Am I doing something wrong? Do you know any other alternatives? Should I use the whole path?

>Solution :

It does not match because ^ means "start of the string", which in your case is the / character before Desktop. Here is an approach to match just the file name without the directory path:

use warnings;
use strict;
use File::Basename qw(basename);

my $filename = "/Desktop/src/file_top.sv";

if (basename($filename) =~ /^file_top.*\.sv$/){
    print "do something....\n";
else {
    print "do something else....\n";

This will match filenames like file_top.sv and file_top123.sv, but it will not match abc_file_top.sv.

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