Why isn't the ++y part executing?

So here is the question I am given , I need to tell the output :

#include <iostream>
using namespace std;
int main()
    int x = 10;
    int y = 20;
    if(x++ > 10 && ++y > 20 ){
    cout << "Inside if ";
    } else{
    cout << "Inside else ";
    cout << x << “ “ << y;

The ans given is Inside else 11 20 I checked with complier this is the correct answer but according to me the answer should be Inside else 11 21.

Why is this happening ? Why isn’t the ++y part executing ?

I also tried y++ I still get same answer.

>Solution :

If the first operand of the logical AND operator evaluates to false then the second operand is not evaluated because the velue of the expression is already known.

From the c++ 20 Standard (7.6.14 Logical AND operator)

1 The && operator groups left-to-right. The operands are both
contextually converted to bool (7.3). The result is true if both
operands are true and false otherwise. Unlike &, && guarantees
left-to-right evaluation: the second operand is not evaluated if the
first operand is false

Also the value of an expression with the post-increment operator is the value of its operand before incrementing.

From the C++ 20 Standard ( Increment and decrement_

1 The value of a postfix ++ expression is the value of its operand…

So in this if statement

if(x++ > 10 && ++y > 20 ){

the left operand of the logical AND operator x++ > 10 evaluates to false. However the side effect of the post-increment operator is applied to the variable x. The second operand ++y > 20 is not evaluated.

So the control will be passed to the else statement and within its sub-statement x will be equal to 11 and y will keep its original value 20.

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