Received NaN for the `children` attribute. If this is expected, cast the value to a string error React Javascript Firebase

I’m new to react/firebase and I’m trying to create a like button. However when I click on the button, the like count shows up as NaN and I receive the error shown in the title. I’ve tried parsing the input but the NaN error still shows up and I’m not sure why.

    const LikeButton = ({ post }) => {
    const handleClick = async () => {
      let likeCount = post.likeCount;
      const date = new Date();
      likeCount = likeCount + 1;
      await db.collection("posts").doc({
        createdAt: post.createdAt,
        updatedAt: date.toUTCString(),
        title: post.title,
    return (
            icon ={<BsHandThumbsUp />}
            onClick={() => handleClick()}
          <Text bg="purple.100" rounded="md" w="100%" p={1}>

  export default LikeButton;

>Solution :

Change your likeCount variable to this:

let likeCount = post.likeCount || 0;

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