How to cast object[] to double[][] in C#

I have something like

var a = new object[2]
     new double[1] { 0.5 },
     new double[1] { 0.5 }

And I want to cast this to double[][].
I tried (double[][])a and a.Cast<double[][]>() but it didnt work

>Solution :

Your attempt of doing a.Cast<double[][]>() is almost correct. You can use:

double[][] b = a.Cast<double[]>().ToArray();


  • The problem is that the elements of your list are double[]s, but they are statically typed as object. To change the static type of a list’s elements, you use LINQ’s Cast<T>.
  • Cast<T> takes the type of the element as T, not the type of the resulting list (this is why your attempt to use Cast<double[][]>failed). Cast<double[]> yields an IEnumerable<double[]>.
  • To convert this IEnumerable<double[]> to an array of double[] (i.e., a double[][]), we can use LINQ’s ToArray().

Note that this will

  • create a new outer array (i.e., object.ReferenceEquals(a, b) is false), but
  • the new outer array will reference the same inner arrays (i.e., object.ReferenceEquals(a[0], b[0]) is true).

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