Using Foreach or another function to reduce the amount of code

please help. I have such a code with Checkboxes. I need to shorten it, namely to go through it through Foreach.
If you can shorten it in another way, then please write it..

let FormData = {
   DisplayName: $("#DisplayName").is(":checked"),
   Department: $("#Department").is(":checked"),
   Post: $("#Post").is(":checked"),
   Phone: $("#Phone").is(":checked"),
   Location: $("#Location").is(":checked"),
   Dinner: $("#Dinner").is(":checked")

I haven’t really tried anything yet. But I didn’t really find the answer I needed..

>Solution :

If you don’t know the names of the checkboxes and you want to perform this operation of collecting their state on all the checkboxes of a form, you can use this code.

var jsonObject = {};

// For each checkbox - Feed Json object
$('input[type=checkbox]').each(function(index){ jsonObject[$(this).attr('id')] = $(this).is(':checked'); });


The principle is to use a selection of the checkboxes present on the page to then perform a loop on this selection and recover for each of the boxes their ID and their state.

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